What is the Violent Incidents Database (VID)?

The Violent Incidents Database (VID) is a service of the Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America to collect, record and analyze violent incidents concerning the persecution of Christians in Latin American countriesĀ as published in digital media available on the internet. The VID follows essential elements of the methodology of the World Watch List (WWL) of Open Doors.

How to use the VID?

To access the VID please click on the DATABASE button in the menu at the top of this page. Download the USER MANUAL for detailed instructions on how to use the VID.


The VID aims to give an indication of the numbers of Christians experiencing violence on grounds of faith in Latin America but cannot claim to be an exhaustive listing. The data included in the VID is based purely on reports published in digital media available on the internet. Many incidents are never made public and are hence not included.

There are times when incidents reported in the media are incorrect. We do not have the capacity to verify all incidents listed. However, where reports are flagged up as being false or incorrect, the corresponding entries are altered or deleted. If you think a case is missing or was erroneously reported about, please contact us.


For questions or comments about VID content, please contact us through this form: